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Posted by Paul On March - 24 - 2019

3/24/2023 I've just finished this 1/16 scale model of the M5A1 "Stuart" light tank (late production).  This model is produced by Classy Hobby.  It was a fun build; my only complaint was the protective cage that covers the periscopes.  I've seen these molded in one piece (very nicely) in 1/35 scale, but here it's an impossible task of assembling several parts of brittle plastic.  I just left them off.  These are done very nicely on my 1/16 sherman tank by Andy's Hobbies.  One other complaint is the very small (brittle) hand holds that need to be glued on.  About 85% of the ones I cut from the sprues broke in half.  I ended up making these out of thin brass wire that was passable.  The end result is to my liking however and makes for a very nice Stuart tank.


Here is a video of the completed model -> HERE.