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Mt. Nebo Drive 8-16-2017

Posted by Paul On August - 16 - 2017

Today a friend and I drove up to Mt. Nemo and back.  It was spectacular!!!  We left at 8:30 in the morning and got back at 11:30, and that included time to get gas and ask for directions (a road was closed).  It was a pretty winding road so I took the NSX; the road was very nice all the way – parts of it were recently repaved (about 48 hours ago so it was nice and dry).  All pictures were taken with my Nikon D750 and 28-300mm lens; the ISO was set at 800.  Here are the pics…

_DSC4284 _DSC4285 _DSC4286 _DSC4287 _DSC4288 _DSC4289 _DSC4290 _DSC4291 _DSC4292 _DSC4293 _DSC4294 _DSC4295 _DSC4296 _DSC4297 _DSC4298 _DSC4299 _DSC4300 _DSC4301 _DSC4302 _DSC4303 _DSC4304 _DSC4305 _DSC4306 _DSC4307 _DSC4308 _DSC4309 _DSC4310 _DSC4311 _DSC4312 _DSC4313 _DSC4314 _DSC4315 _DSC4316 _DSC4317 _DSC4318 _DSC4320 _DSC4321 _DSC4322 _DSC4323 _DSC4324 _DSC4325 _DSC4326 _DSC4328 _DSC4329 _DSC4330 _DSC4331 _DSC4332 _DSC4333 _DSC4334

Winter Quarters

Posted by Paul On July - 31 - 2017

While attending the July 2017 IPMS Nationals in Omaha Nebraska, my son Jared and I took one morning to visit the Winter Quarters Museum across town.  It was here that thousands of LDS saints camped before begining their treck across the country to what is now Salt Lake City Utah.  It is the largest migration in our countries history.  My great great grandmother, Maria Normington was among those who made the treck.  She lost her husband and a baby boy on the journey.  Her story is related in this section, and is well worth reading.

DSC07658 DSC07659 DSC07660 DSC07661 DSC07662 DSC07663 DSC07664 DSC07665 DSC07666 DSC07667 DSC07668 DSC07669 DSC07670 DSC07671