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Posted by Paul On May - 25 - 2009

12/28/2018 I've added a build log of the Mantua 1/23 Naval Gun Deck – go HERE.

12/12/2019 . I've added a page describing my build of the Wingnut Wings 1/32 DH.9a 'NINK' WW1 light bomber – go HERE.

11/28/2019 I've added text and pictures about building the 1/144 2001 Discovery spaceship from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey – go HERE.

11/1/2019 I added text and pictures about building the Windnut Wings 1/32 AEG G.IV Early German WW1 bomber.  Go HERE.

10/22/2019 I've added pictures of my 1/32 AGM2b Zero – go HERE.

I also added pictures of my Wingnut Wings Sopwith Triplane – go HERE.

And pictures of my Revell 1/48 SNJ trainer – go HERE.

And pictures of my Academy 1/72  Consoladated PBY-2 – go HERE.

And finally pictures of my Williams Brothers Martin B-10b – go HERE.

Also I've added more pictures of the finished 1/100 HMS Victory – go HERE.

8/22/2019 I’ve added two more Astro pictures (IC 1805 and NGC 6960). You can find them at the bottom of this PAGE.

8/8/2019 I've finished the 1/72 scale model of my dad's B-29 – go HERE.

7/19/2019  I've finished the 1/32 scale B-25J Mitchell – find it HERE.

3/12/2019 The USS MISSOURI is finally finished!  Go HERE for pictures.

9/26/2018 I've uploaded the first image taken in the observatory – Messier 27 found HERE.

9/13/2018 I've uploaded more photos of the observatory – HERE.

9/2/2018 I've started to document the construction of my observatory – HERE.

8/7/2018 Added 4 more pictures of the USS Missouri buld – HERE.

8/6/2018 I added a new page with lots of photos from the 2018 IPMS Nationals – HERE.

5/12/2018 I've added 3 more pictures to the USS Missouri build – HERE.

5/6/2018 I've added 5 more pictures to the USS Missouri build – HERE.

4/27/2018 I added a picture of NGC2403 that I imaged last night – go HERE and scroll down.

4/27/2018 Another ship buld – this time it's the USS Missouri – go HERE.

4/27/2018 Here are the final photos of the Hasegawa 1/16 Sopwith Camel – HERE.

4/22/2018 More pictures added on the Sopwith Camel build – go HERE.

4/21/2018 I've added a few more pictures on my Sopwith Camel build – HERE.

12/3/2017 I've added 3 more pictures of the Sopwith Camel build – HERE.

11/30/2017 I've constructed a new menu pull down entitled Photography which has multiple entries in the pull down.  This replaces the upper tier Photography that contained all of the photographs in one big file.  Now you can access photographs by title.

11/21/2017 I've started to build the Hasegawa 1/16 Sopwith Camel – HERE.

9/12/2017 I've added a new menu page entitled Photography.

8/27/2017 I've added 11 more pictures of my Brigantine Phoenix build – HERE.

8/21/2017 I've added pictures I took of the eclipse HERE.

8/16/2017 Added pictures of my drive up Mt. Nebo – HERE.

8/12/2017 More updates on the Brigantine Phoenix build – HERE.

8/2/2017 I've added more photos of my build of the Brigantine Phoenix – HERE.

7/21/2017 I've added the complete copy of the Imai instructions for the HMS Victory – find it HERE.

7/4/2017 I've started a new build: the Brigantine Phoenix – HERE.

6/25/2017 I've finally finished the Heller 1/100 scale HMS Victory.  You can find the final pictures HERE.

6/15/2017 The video on the main page of the Yamato has been fixed!!!  I've also added a bunch of pictures of the HMS Victory – go HERE.

4/2/2017 I'm back on the HMS Victory build – find it HERE.

3/31/2017 I've finished a model of Robby the Robot – you can find the buld article HERE.

2/7/2017 I've added more photos on the Victory build – on staining the sails – go HERE.

2/1/2017 More updates on the Victory build.

1/31/2017 I've started page 2 of the Victory build – go HERE.

1/28/2017 I've installed the upper masts – go HERE.

1/27/2017 I've added more pics of my build of the HMS Victory – go HERE.

1/25/2017 I've added a new video of my model room – you can find it HERE.

1/21/2017 The bow spirit has been installed – go HERE.

1/20/2017 I've added some pics to the section called "GLUING STUFF" – you can see it HERE.  I've also added a few more pictures to the HMS Victory build – go HERE.

1/14/2017 I've added a few more pictures to the HMS Victory build – go HERE.

1/10/2017 I've added 5 new photos to the HMS Victory build – go HERE.

1/8/2017 Moving on the shrouds, deadeyes and ratlines – pictures are HERE.

1/5/2017 Now I'm working on the above deck hammock storage.  Go HERE.

1/3/2017 I've added more pics – installing deadeyes and chains along with detailing and masts and installing the masts – go HERE.  Later in the day I've added two more pictures after finished all of the lower deadeyes and also a pic of the mainmast borading pikes.

12/23/2016 I've added 3 pictures of the forward cannons – HERE.

12/22/2016 I've added a picture of my new ropewalk machine.  See it HERE.

12/21/2016 I've added several new pictures on the HMS Victory build – go HERE and scroll waaay down.

12/15/2016 More pictures of my HMS Victory build – go HERE.

12/11/2016 More pictures of fully rigged cannon and installation of the poop deck – go HERE.

12/9/2016 I've attached the stern galleries – go HERE and scroll down for the latest additions.

12/8/2016 I've added pics of deck furnature, rear galleries, and steering and binnacle install – go HERE.

12/5/2016 I added a picture to better show how the rope coiling device is assembled.  I've also added pictures showing the addition of the upper deck.  Go HERE.

12/4/2016 The third gun deck is finished – go HERE and scroll down.

12/3/2016 With the cannons in place I've started adding the rope coils – I've added pictures describing how I did this HERE.

12.2.2016 I've added photos showing the solution to the cannon blackening problem, as well as some cannons instelled.  See them HERE – be sure and scroll down to the bottom.

12/1/2016 I've added three photos of blackening the cannon barrels, I've also added a picture of the assembled lower masts – you can see them HERE, just scroll down to the bottom.

11/9/2016 I've added photos of more aftermarket stuff I got for the HMS Victory – you can see it HERE.

11/2/2016 I've attached some veneer decking on the second gun deck as well as some furnature – Here.

11/1/2016 I've finished the copper part of the hull repaint in the Imai 1/100 HMS Victory – HERE.

10/30/2016  I've added pictures of my reference material as well as a picture of the redo of the copper finish on the hull – here is the first step.  You can find it HERE.

10/28/2016 I've added photos of the aftermarket parts I've received for the HMS Victory.  You can find them HERE.

10/18/2016 I added photos of my just finished Eduard 1/32 model of the Bf 109E-4.  You can find it HERE.

10/10/2016 I added photos of my just finished Trumpeter model of the Fairey Swordfish Mk1.  You can find it HERE.

9/12/2016 I added a video of my 1/6 M4A1 Sherman Tank.  You can find it HERE.

5/18/2016 I've added a photo of M92 taken on 9/19/2014.  You can find it on my Astronomy DSO page HERE.  I've also added a new pictue of the moon taken on 5/11/2016, it's on the Astronomy – The Moon page – go HERE.

1/22/2016 I've added a couple of very early photos of my 1/6 scale Sherman tank – you can see it HERE.

1/15/2016 I've added a new photo of my office – you can see it HERE.

1/10/2016 I've added 6 photos of the finished 1/12 Aoshima Kawasaki 1000 Police motorcycle.  You can find them HERE.

1/8/2016 Yesterday I set up a page dedicated to my new telescope mount by 10Micron.  You can find it HERE.

1/3/2016 I've added several photos of the 1/12 Aoshima Kawasaki 1000 Police Motorcycle.  You can find them HERE.

12/25/2015 I've added several photos of highly detailed diecast cars.  You can find them HERE.

12/19/15 I've added a photo I've taken of the Veil Nebula.  You and find it HERE – just scroll down to find it.

12/11/2015 Sorry – it's been awhile since my last update.  I've added several photos of my new 10Micron telescope mount in the Astronomy – Equipment page.  You can find it HERE.

7/16/2015 I've added a new photo of M51 in the astronomy section.  You can find it HERE.

3/23/2015 I've added a video on my Biography page that describes what Momons believe about eternal life.  You can find it HERE.

3/21/2015 I added a page dedicated to my great aunt – Margaret V. Daly who worked for 34 years as the head nurse at Ellis Island.  This contains her memoir of here experiences there.   You can find it HERE.

3/10/15 I've added a new pull down menu "Model Videos" that accesses all of the model videos I've installed.

3/8/2015 I've added three videos on the Bible Video pull down menu – you can find them HERE.

3/7/2015 I've added three more videos:

1/200 Trumpeter USS ARIZONA HERE.

1/16 Trumpter T-34-85 Russian WWII tank HERE.

1/16 Hobby Boss Tiger 1 German WWII tank HERE.

3/6/2015 I've added a new video of my 1/16 Taigen all metal Tiger 1 r/c tank – check it out HERE.

3/5/2015 I've added a new video of the 1/72 Type VIIC German WWII submarine in my neighbors green pool – check it out HERE.

2/23/2015 I've added a new page: The 1/6 Field of Armor R/C Sherman Tank.

2/22/2015 Two new links have been added to the Links page – these have to do with 1/16 and 1/6 r/c tanks.

2/8/2015 I've added 18 more pictures of the 1/35 Sherman M4A1.  Check that out HERE.

2/3/2015 I've finally got the software updated so that I can add to the website.  More photos and stories coming soon!!!

1/21/2014 I've added a bunch more photos for the Monogram 1/48 B-25H build.

1/13/2014 I've added the build page for the Monogram 1/48 B-25H.  You can see it HERE.  I've also added to the Weathering page.  Check that out HERE.

12/28/2013  I've added some text and pictures describing the build of the HobbyBoss 1/72 F-14B.  You can see it in the Showcase section – HERE.

12/28/2013  I've added some text and pictures describing the build of the Italeri 1/48 MH-60K Blackhawk.  You can see it in the Showcase section – HERE.

10-7-13 I've finished the Bf 109 instrument panel – you can see it at the link below.  Today I've added two more pictures of DSO's (deep sky objects) in my astronomy section.  They are of NGC700 and M33.  You can see them HERE.

9/18/2013 I started the Eduard 1/4 scale Bf 109 instrument panel.  You can see all of the pictures HERE.

9/11/2013 I've finished the Eduard 1/4 scale Bf 110 instrument panel.  You can see all of the pictures HERE.

9/6/2013 I'm starting on the Eduard 1/4 Bf 110 instrument panel.  You can find the build HERE.

9/5/2013  I've finished the Dragon 1/32 BF 110c-7 and have added several final pictures.  You can find them HERE.

7/22/2013 I uploaded more images to the Astronomy DSO page.  You can find it HERE.

7/3/2013 More images added in the Astronomy DSO page.

6/2/2013 I've added 3 more pictures (M97, M59 and NGC 3065) in the Astronomy DSO page.

6/1/2013 I've added pictures of M81 and M82 in the Astronomy DSO page.

5/3/2013 I've added a picture of the Pinwheel Galaxy in the DSO file.

4/21/13 I wasn't satisfied with the Astronomy link so I made it into a pull-down menu with links to "Astronomy Equipment", "The Moon", "The Stars", Deep Sky Objects (DSO's).  This give me a lot more flexibility and looks better.

4/16/2013 Today I've added another page devoted to another hobby of mine – astronomy.  There is now a link in the line just below the website title – Astronomy.  You can go HERE to find it.

3/26/2013 Today is a big day for updates.  I've added 20 more pictures of the finished Trumpeter 1/16 T-34/85 tank – go HERE.

3/26/2015 I've added 5 more pictures of the Dragon Bf 110 C-7 build.  You can see them HERE.

3/21/2013 I have started the Dragon Bf 110 C-7 in 1/32 scale.  I'm also using some Eduard photo etch – check it out HERE.

3/21/2013 Five more pictures to really end the Tamiya P-51D build – I have added the decals that I messed up.  Check it out HERE.

3/14/2013 Five pictures showing the end of the Tamiya P-51D build can be seen HERE.

3/13/2013 Did some long overdue housekeeping.  I've fixed several links and updated some pages – What's Next, Paint, Airbrushing, USAF Museum, etc.

3/12/2013 Disaster strikes the P-51 build…go HERE.

3/8/2013 I've painted the nose of the a/c and have installed the landing gear.  Go HEREfor four more pictures.

3/6/2013 I've added 12 more pictures to the P-51 build – check them out HERE.

3/3/13 I've added 6 mores pictures to the P-51 build – you can see them HERE.

2/22/2013 The fuselage has been closed up – I've added two more pictures to the P-51 build HERE.

2/12/2013 I've started on my next model: the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D.  You can see the build article and the first pictures HERE.

2/11/2013 I've added 5 more pictures of the Roden C-124A as well as two pics of my dad's plane as it sat on the runway in Greenland… go HERE.

2/1/2013 I've added some more pictures of the Roden C-124A  – go HERE.

1/22/2013 Yesterday I started on the Roden 1/144 C-124A.  You can find the build page HERE.

1/21/2013 After 5 months and 9 days the USS Arizona is finished.  I've added several more pictures that you can see HERE.

1/18/2013 I've added 4 more pictures showing the latest additions – go HERE.

12/13/12 I've added 4 more pictures showing the tarps which were set up for shade on Dec. 7th.  Go HERE.

10/21/12 I've added about 40 more pictures of the Arizona.  She is almost finished – go HERE.  I've also added some pictures of my model room – go HERE.

9/30/12 More pics of finished items – the rear main mast, as well as the ships boats.  Priming the photo etch.  Go HERE.

9/6/12 The main turrets are finished and shot with primer. I've also finished the first 50 ft motor boat.  Go HERE.

8/29/12 I've added 5 close-up pictures of the cranes, one catapult, the deck and a partially completed turret – go HERE.

8/25/12 Painted the hull the correct color, painted some other bits too, as well as adding the forward deck.  I've added 8 new pictures – go HERE.

8/24/12 Painted the hull – the upper color is wrong, catapults worked on – see the Arizona build – go HERE.

8/20/12 Installed the docking keels.  The patterns are supplied with the White Ensign Model photo etch set.  See the Arizona build.

8/19/12 Installed the inspection hatches and braces on the starboard side – see the Arizona build.

8/17/12 I've finished the 5 inch guns on the Arizona build and have added one picture of them – see the Arizona build.

8/14/12 I've added several pictures on the Arizona build – see them HERE.

8/13/2012 Yesterday I got back for 5 wonderful days at Disneyworld in Orlando Florida.  I had a great time at the park and also attended the 2012 IPMS national convention.  I didn't take a camera but you can see lots of pics of the show and the banquet by clicking HERE.

8/12/12 At the end of March of this year I finally retired.  We've moved to Provo, Utah and have finally gotten our home set up.  I'm excited to get back into modeling after a long break.  I'll be starting the Trumpeter 1/200 Arizona.  In the meantime I've posted pictures of my new model room.  You can see them HERE.  I've also posted some new info on the Trumpeter Arizona build that is Here.

2/7/2012 I've added pictures of four reference books that used in my Yamato construction.  I've also added 4 more pictures of this grand battleship that I've found on the internet.  You can view them HERE.

2/6/2012 My hip has healed and I'm back at work.  I'm sorry that I don't have anything of substance regarding modeling to report.  I will be attending a big model show in Petaluma California next weekend and I will have a lot of pictures from that to post – so look for that.  I would like to thank all of those who have taken the time to visit my website.  We modelers are all getting older – I'm now 62.  If our hobby is to survive we need to get younger people interested.  It has a lot to offer.  Modeling is like art – you create something beautiful and unique to yourself.  You have to do a lot of system engineering – by that I mean you have to decide how to assemble, what type of glue, what kind of paint and when to paint.  You need to assess when and what type of putty to add and how best to sand it smooth.  There are a lot of tricks and special things that you can do to make your model look just like you want.  The finished product reflects your patience, dedication and research.  These things stimulate the mind and promote growth.  There is a lot to be said for a hobby that you do at home and that is not instant gratification.  So encourage someone young today to try this wonderful hobby.  I've also added 21 new pictures of the Privateer Rattlesnake.  You can view them HERE.

12/18/2011 I've changed the menu "Cool Videos' to "Christmas Videos" and have included a link to some very beautiful videos on the birth of Christ.  Check it out Here.

10/26/2011 Sorry that I haven't posted anything new for a while.  Part of the reason is that last week I tripped over a curb in Wells Nevada and fell and broke my right hip.  We then drove 13 hours to get home.  I went to the doctor the next day to find that I had a broken hip.  I had 3 titanium screws put in last Friday and will be using a walker for the next six weeks.  Besides that I'm doing well – it could have been a lot worse and I count my blessings.

8/8/2011 I've added a lot more pictures of the USS McKean go HERE to see them.

8/7/2011  I've added a couple of new pictures on the Haruna build go HERE.  I have also added a new photo etch glue to the Photo Etch tips section – HERE.

8/3/2011 I've added information about a new deck product from SCALEDECKS.COM go HERE.

7/31/2011 I've added about 49 new pictures to the 2010 Silverwings model show in Elk Grove – go HERE.

7/30/2011 I just received the crew for the 1/200 Arizona – go HERE.

7/24/2011 I've posted 185 pictures from the Yuba City model show – go HERE.

7/18/2011 Added Summer's picture on the family page in the "Other Stuff" menu – go HERE.

7/9/2011 I've received new photo etch for the 1/200 Arizona – go HERE.

I've also started a new model – the 1/700 Japanese Battleship Haruna – go HERE.

6/12/2011 I've finished the FAMO and have posted 4 new pictures…. go HERE.

6/6/2011 I've added 10 more pics of the FAMO.  Just click HERE.

5/22/2011 Wow – it's been a long time since my last entry – well I've posted 5 more pics on the FAMO build just click HERE

4/1/2001 3 more pics of the Famo – just click HERE

3/31/2011 7 more pics of the FAMO…

3/30/2011 I've added 4 more pictures to the Famo build.

3/20/2011 I've added the tracks to the Famo and have posted a few more pics.

2/23/2011 I've started a new Workbench project – building the Tamiya 1/32 Famo Tank Transport.

2/21/2011 I've uploaded photos from the 2011 Model Expo in Petaluma.

2/13/2011 I've added 4 more pictures of the Spitfire – it's almost done now – after 2 1/2 months.  I've also started the last section of the museum photos: RESEARCH & DEVELOPEMENT/FLIGHT TEST – PAGE 1.

I'm also uploading about 50 more pictures of the USS ARIZONA kit.

2/3/2011 I've finished the page MISSILES AND SPACE and now I'm starting PRESIDENTIAL AIRCRAFT.

2/1/2011 I found more pictures for the COLD WAR section so I started COLD WAR – PAGE4.

1/30/2011 I've finished the three COLD WAR museum pages and have now started on the next one:  MISSILES AND SPACE.  I've also added two new pictures to the Spitfire build.

1/23/2011 Added 4 more pictures to the Tamiya Mk IXc Spitfire build.  You can find that HERE.

1/16/2011 There are so many pictures in the COLD WAR category that I've made this section into 3 pages – COLD WAR PAGES 1-3.  So far I've finished pages 1 and two and have uploaded 370 out of about 515 pictures in this area.

1/8/2011 Still uploading pictures on the COLD WAR page from the USAF Museum trip.

12/31/2010 It's the last day of the year and I've added 6 more pictures to the Spitfire build – you can find it on the Workbench page.

12/1/2010 I've started on the COLD WAR page.  There will be about 500 pictures here so it could take a while.  You can find it HERE.

11/28/2010 I've finished uploading all of the pictures for the "Korean War and Southeast Asian War" page.  You can access these pages from HERE.

11/25/2010 I've finished uploading all of the pictures for the "The Early Years and WW I", "Between The Wars" and "World War II".  You can access these pages HERE.

11/18/2010 I've added pictures for the "BETWEEN THE WARS" page.

11/16/2010 I've started to upload pictures (I took about 1600) from my visit to the USAF NATIONAL MUSEUM in Ohio.  You can find them under the "Other Stuff" menu or go HERE.

11/10/2010 My son Barry put this video on YouTube of my Yamato – check it out on my Yamato page – HERE. You can also see it on the YouTube website HERE.

11/7/2010 I have a cold and needed to gargle with salt water – so I'm up at midnight to get some relief from my cough.  I've posted some thoughts on the Arizona model on it's build page.  I've also added two more pictures of the Spitfire build on the Workbench page.

11/6/2010 I have received the new Trumpeter 1/200 Arizona.  I have posted several pictures HERE on the new build page for it.  I'll be adding comments and pictures as time allows.  I've also added 5 more pictures to the Spitfire build – these are of the finished engine assembly – they are located HERE.

10/27/2010 Added 5 more pictures of the Spitfire engine and cockpit – still all on the Workbench page.

10/24/2010 I've added 4 mores pictures of the Spitfire cockpit.  They are all on the Workbench page.

10/14/2010 I've added an enlarged picture of the Tamiya control panel as well as the partially finished cockpit.  It's all on the Workbench page.

10/3/2010 I've added a picture of the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc dashboard.  It's located on the Workbench.

9/12/2010 I've added pictures of my Dragon 1/35 M2A1 halftrack – they are located in the SHOWCASE menu.  You can see them HERE.

9/11/2010  I've added an article on the construction of Planet Models BT-13 along with a bunch of pictures.  You can see it HERE.

5/8/10 I've uploaded pictures for Mormon Helping Hands Day that I took in Newark.  You can find them HERE.

4/25/10 I found two pictures of my dad in front of his B-29.  They are located in the Family menu.

3/28-30/10 Added 286 photos from the SVSM Kickoff Classic held on March 20th.  I also fixed the link to the 2009 Fremont Hornets show.

2/28/10 Added a photo of me holding the Millennium Falcon box to show how big it is – this is on the Model Expo 2010 page.  I've also photoshopped all of the photos from Model Expo to improve the quality. Go HERE.

2/21/10 Added pictures of my visit to Model Expo 2010 in Petaluma.  I also added pics of the models I won at the raffle.  I LOVE raffles.  Go HERE.

1/17/10 Added pictures of my model building area in the garage.  Tiny but great!!  To see the pics go HERE.

12/6/09 Added a link to Mormon Messages on YouTube.

11/1/09 Oh my gosh it's been over two months since my last entry!!  I've had to move my model room out to a shed in the back yard because my son and daughter in law (who live with us) had a little baby.  So now I have no model room – it's ok – all for a good cause.  I've just added some pictures of the 2009 Fremont Hornets model show – you can see them here.  I've also added a bunch of new pictures of my grandaughter – Tatiana Teresa – go here.

8/29/09 I've added a bunch of pictures of my son Duke and his wife Liisa visiting the Hungary War Museum go here.  Or you can go to the Other Stuff menu and scroll down to HungaryWarMuseum.

7/28/09 Added a bunch of black and white photos of my mom and dad from WWII and Korea wars when they were serving in the military.

7/8/09 I've added captions to the pics in the "College Stuff" page.

7/7/09 Last night I found an old photo album – so I've uploaded 20 photos from my college years to the "College Stuff" page under the "Other Stuff" menu.  I'll soon add captions to all of the goofy stuff.

7/5/09 I've added 70 pictures to the 2008 Model Expo page under the "Model Shows" menu.   I've also added pictures of my mom and dad when they were in the service during WWII.  That's under the "Other Stuff" menu in "My Dad's Story".

6/29/09 Updated pages on Gluing Stuff, and Color Reference Charts under the Tips & Tricks menu.

6/28/09 Fixed a lot of the text formatting.  I've added a short story of my grandmother's grandmother – Maria Normington Parker – a true pioneer.  Organized menu's for model shows.

6/22/08 I've uploaded 115 more pictures of the Yamato to the Battleship Yamato R/C) page.

6/21/09 All of the pictures are now thumbnail size which can be enlarged when you click on them – at least the larger pictures are – the smaller ones I left alone.  The website is now complete – I will be adding pictures to the different pages from my library as time permits.  I also will be adding to the Yamato picture page.

6/16/09 Added several page links and a ton of pictures on the build of the Russian T-34 tank.

6/15/09 Ok – now about 99.9% of all of the pictures are back.  There are some here and there that I need to track down and will as time permits.  There is still a problem with the text bleeding around the pictures that is rather pestering and I'm working on a solution to that.  Note that none of the pictures are thumbnails that you can click on to make larger – sorry about that – my webmaster is checking into that too.

6/14/09 I've now added about 60% of the pictures back, but some I couldn't find so the text may not make sense in some areas – lol.

6/13/09 Added more pictures to different pages – update will be complete soon!

6/11/09 Added thumbnails that direct to showcase models.  More coming really soon!

5/25/09 Please have patience while we rebuild the website.  As you can see it will have a new and much improved look!

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