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1/32 Tamiya f4u-1a Corsair

Posted by Paul On May - 29 - 2020

5/14/22. Today I'm starting on this Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1a Corsair.  This is one of my favorite aircraft from WW2.   

I am using quite a lot of aftermarket items this time.


I first started on the Prat & Whitney R2800 radial engine

I've added some extra detail with some small wires at the top of each cylinder, and also all of the iginition wire. For reference I used some photos I found online.

For a video of the finished engine – go HERE.

Next I started the Eduard cockpit.

I am planning on displaying this very detailed version of the F4U-1A cockpit since it will be so hidden in the finished model.

For a video of the partially built cockpit go HERE.

Here are some pics of the final cockpit


6/15/22 Here are some photos of the finished cockpit.  The cockpit is by Eduard and the instruments are by Quintas.  Since the cockpit is mostly hidden in the finished model, I decided to make this into a display model on it's own stand.

Below the pictures is a video of the cockpit

The video of the finished cockpit is HERE.

I also started on this 1/32 resin R2800 engine from This is just amazing in detail.

Here is a video of the incluided parts – go HERE.

To see a video of the finished DETAIL2scale 1/32 R2800 engine on it's stand go HERE.

6/19/2022 Here is a video of the finished kit cockpit – it's stock except for the Eaglecals cockpit decals and the BarracudaCast resin seat with seatbelts – go HERE.

Roy Sutherland  (owner of Barracuda Studios) is a great guy and I just love his products which I have noted above.  I also will be using his EagleCals to depict Capt. Dean S Hartley Jr's plane from VMF-225.

Here are some pictures of the finished cockpit:

7/12/2022 For a video of the finished model on the turntable – go HERE.

Here are the photos of the finished model.