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1/70 Soleil Royal Finished

Posted by Paul On October - 16 - 2019

10/16/2021 After 18 months, the monster is finished.  Actually I had a great time, the ship went together pretty much without any problems.  The material and plans were first rate.  The only thing I could fault is the castings as they aren't up to todays standards as fantastic results can be achieved with 3D printing.  I am really happy with the result and it looks great in my display room.

The finished size is:

1027 mm long, 443 mm wide, 863 mm high

These are the extras I've added:

custom made sails 

ships boats

ships flags

stern lanterns are 3-d printed

atlas (4) support stands

hull construction nails

cannon balls and storage frames

cherrywood parts

Parts from Syren:

all visible cannons and carriages

all blocks

all larger diameter ropes

upper deck hatches

belaying pins


On to the pictures….