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Bulding the 1/16 Hobby Boss Tiger 1 Tank

Posted by Paul On October - 6 - 2009

Early 2014 I started this model by Hobby Boss.  It had potential to be a nice model, but I had to make several mods to it to bring it up to snuff.  I removed many molded on parts to the upper hull, patched over the battery opening on the bottom of the lower hull, modified the turret attachment so that it could be added at the end of the build and detailed many parts with Aber photo etch.  I also purchased the zimmeret online as molded parts which made that much easier.  The photo etch was built up using a cold soldering iron, but most assemblies were acomplished with a 15 watt soldering iron.  The photo etch was preped with TIX brand flux – this made soldering much easier, and the result was much more robust assemblies than using CA.


DSC_7956 DSC_7958 DSC_7961 DSC_7963 DSC_7964 DSC_7966