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Posted by Paul On July - 19 - 2000


I purchased this model earlier this year along with some extras:

Resin props

Eduard sets for the nose and cockpit

Eduard seatbelts

Eduard masks

Eduard wheel set

Decals by Red Gecko and Eagle Cal

Machine barrels by Master-Model in Poland

Paints used:

Tamiya flats and gloss

Midel Master flat and gloss

Alclad II

Weathering wash by Flory Models

Other Items that came in handy:

Home made prop jug

Airplane Jig (Jigs Vertigo Evo) by

The model went together pretty easily; I didn't glue the wings on as the installation tabs provide for a very good fit.  I also shaved down the rear machine gun canvas cover as the original one is way too thick.  I didn't weight the nose ( I feel the additional weight makes for a model that's rather heavy). Instead I opted for a clear plastic dowel scrap from another kit used as a post aft of the rear access hatch.  Yea you can notice it if you try, but way easier than installing all the weight then dealing with it as the move the model around during the build – I feel there is just that much more chance of an accident with a model this big with the additional weight.

The resin props needed some work by sanding the blades smooth.  I removed the installation pegs and replacec them with small plastic dowel which provided a much better fit.  I made up a simple prop jug that spaced the props at 120 degrees apart and raised the prop ends with q-tips to give them all the same vertical position.  I used Hobby Town IC-2000 extra strength CA to attach the props.  I really like this stuff – it has carbon and rubber added and really provides a nice strong join.  I used it in several places during the build.

The final result is great – I'm a fan of the clear glass nose and I really enjoyed the build.

Ok – here are the pics:

Home made prop jig:


Airplane jig by Vertigominiatures

And here are the rest…