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Putty – Fill Those Gaps…

Posted by Paul On May - 18 - 2009

When building a model – you will frequently find that there are gaps or holes that need to be filled. Here we have some fillers that I use. Left to right:

  • Squadron Green Stuff – green putty that dries pretty hard and is more difficult to sand.
  • Porc-a-filler – got this at Home Depot. It’s used to repair chips in porcelain appliances. It also works well on plastic. Dries quick and is easily sanded, and doesn’t shrink.
  • Tamiya basic putty – I haven’t tried this yet – just got it.
  • Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer – a nice thin filler that you can paint on then sand.
  • On the top – milliput – this is a two part filler that is pliable and moldable like clay. I haven’t used this yet – just got it.
  • Zap-a-gap CA (not shown)- apply this to the gap and wait a few minutes then sand – don’t wait till it dries or it will be rock hard.