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10Micron Telescope Mount

Posted by Paul On January - 8 - 2016

In  November 2015, I received my new telescope tripod and mount.  It's made in Italy by 10Micron and it's the GM1000HPS model.  

10 Micron are one the highest regarded manufacturers of high precision ultra high quality mountings in the business.

The GM1000 HPS features:

Absolute on-axis encoders in RA & Dec, featuring
more than 10 million increments (interpolated),
fully encapsulated and calibrated

Provides up to 0.5“ RMS tracking accuracy – for long duration UNGUIDED imaging – even at long focal lengths

Closed loop (encoder controlled) satellite

speed – up to 15°/s

and much much more!

Here are some photos:

The boxes were heavy!


This is the equatorial mount:



This is the Aries tripod_DSC2533

All set up on the wheeley bar with 10 inch pnumatic tires._DSC2534

Now I've attached the Celestron 11 inch telescope, the focal reducer, the Moonlite focuser and the Canon 60Da camera._DSC2535 _DSC2536

I have since removed the on axis guide camera as it's not needed with this mount._DSC2537 _DSC2538 _DSC2539 _DSC2540 _DSC2541 _DSC2542 _DSC2543 _DSC2544 _DSC2545 _DSC2546 _DSC2547 _DSC2548 _DSC2549