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Solar Eclipse

Posted by Paul On August - 21 - 2017


Here are some of the photos I took today of the solar eclipse; since I stayed home in Provo I was only able to record a 90% coverage of the sun.  Still it was very cool.  When the sun was 90% covered the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees and it was really pleasant outside.  The photos were taken with my Celestron 11 inch Schmidt Cassigrain telescope with a focal reducer attached.  The focal reducer caused the images to be clipped – that's why I wasn't able to record full pictures of the Sun.  The camera I used was a Canon 60Da camera modified for astrophotography.  The pictures were taken at an ISO of 200, exposure of 1/200 second.  I didn't order a sun filter ahead of time for the telescope, so I made one using 2 layers of a space blanket which worked ok.  It may have caused some degradation of picture sharpness however.

SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+102f_20170821-10h05m24s646ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+100f_20170821-10h22m09s592ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+97f_20170821-10h24m24s067ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+113f_20170821-10h30m35s348ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-10h45m18s887ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+138f_20170821-10h57m28s183ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+129f_20170821-11h07m58s564ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+135f_20170821-11h15m18s160ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+124f_20170821-11h33m59s615ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+113f_20170821-11h39m07s933ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-11h45m29s447ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+122f_20170821-12h01m19s227ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-12h17m00s470ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+109f_20170821-12h34m18s514ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+131f_20170821-12h47m42s867ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+136f_20170821-12h56m16s743ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+126f_20170821-12h59m46s559ms SUN_LIGHT_Tv12000s_200iso_+120f_20170821-13h00m49s228ms 

10Micron Telescope Mount

Posted by Paul On January - 8 - 2016

In  November I received my new telescope tripod and mount.  It's made in Italy by 10Micron and it's the GM1000HPS model.  

10 Micron are one the highest regarded manufacturers of high precision ultra high quality mountings in the business.

The GM1000 HPS features:

Absolute on-axis encoders in RA & Dec, featuring
more than 10 million increments (interpolated),
fully encapsulated and calibrated

Provides up to 0.5“ RMS tracking accuracy – for long duration UNGUIDED imaging – even at long focal lengths

Closed loop (encoder controlled) satellite

speed – up to 15°/s

and much much more!

Here are some photos:

The boxes were heavy!


This is the equatorial mount:



This is the Aries tripod_DSC2533

All set up on the wheeley bar with 10 inch pnumatic tires._DSC2534

Now I've attached the Celestron 11 inch telescope, the focal reducer, the Moonlite focuser and the Canon 60Da camera._DSC2535 _DSC2536

I have since removed the on axis guide camera as it's not needed with this mount._DSC2537 _DSC2538 _DSC2539 _DSC2540 _DSC2541 _DSC2542 _DSC2543 _DSC2544 _DSC2545 _DSC2546 _DSC2547 _DSC2548 _DSC2549