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HMS Victory – Imai or Heller 1/100 Page 3

Posted by Paul On April - 5 - 2015

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Here is the latest photo…

_DSC38294/8/2017 I've finished the fore topsail – and the foremast.  Here are some pictures.  I'm not sure I have the foremost jib sail installed correctly.  It seems that it should be attached further forward on the bowsprit that I have it.

_DSC3832 _DSC3833 _DSC3834 _DSC38354/8/2017 I didn't like the location of the flying jib,  It didn't jive with reference material – specifically John Mckay's book "The 100-Gun Ship Victory" page 106.  This shows the flying jib attachment located out at the formost tip of the bowsprit.  The first photo, taken at right angles to the ship, shows the flying jib at the at the old location.  The second photo shows the flying jib at the new location, and the last photo is at an angle on the starboard looking back at the stern.

_DSC3836 _DSC3837 _DSC38384/10/2017 I've now installed the lower main mast sail, I now have installed 9 out of the 18 sails, so I'm halfway through.  Another 500 hours!

M63 21 X 120 ISO 16001 M63 21 X 120 ISO 16002 M63 21 X 120 ISO 16003 M63 21 X 120 ISO 16004 M63 21 X 120 ISO 160054/11/2017  Here I've made some ajdustments to the jib sails to make them hang better.

_DSC38454/13/2017 I've finished and installed the main topsail.

_DSC3847 _DSC3849 _DSC3850 _DSC3851 _DSC3852 _DSC3853 _DSC3854 _DSC3855





























































5/14/2017 I've now installed 14 of the 18 sails and have completed most of the rigging.

DSC07602 DSC07604 DSC07605 DSC07606 DSC076076/5/2017 I've now got all 4 staysails installed and rigged.  Next I will rig the yardarm braces.  There are still some of the braces that are slack that need attention, as well as bent railings etc.  I've included myself in one picture to give it scale.

_DSC3919 _DSC3920 _DSC3921 _DSC3922 _DSC3923 _DSC3924 _DSC3925 _DSC3926 _DSC3927 _DSC3928 _DSC3929 _DSC39306/11/2017 Here are some photos of the ship under construction in my shipyard (storage room).  I've also included some photos of the finished portside anchors and one buoy.

_DSC3931 _DSC3932 _DSC3933 _DSC3934 _DSC39356/13/2017 I have these two wood ship models yet to build.  I'm gonna need a long break first tho.

_DSC3937 _DSC39386/14/2017 Well, after almost 9 months, it's finished except for the gunports and coiled ropes.  I've added the flags as well as attached the ship to the display case base.  I've also added name plaques on each side.  The flags are silkscreened I think.  I've glued the two sides together with tin foil between to provide some ability to shape the flags after they are attached.  The flag for the bow was much too large so I had to shrink it down on the computer an print it on paper in a smaller size.

_DSC3939 _DSC3940 _DSC3941 _DSC3943 _DSC3944 _DSC3945 _DSC3946 _DSC3947 _DSC39486/14/2017 – Still.  Here are a couple of pictures of the ship in the case.  The case was built by Bill Boyd at

_DSC3949 _DSC39506/17/2017 Here is a YouTube video showing a tour of the HMS Victory:

6/19/2017  I've completed the gun ports and started on the rope coils to go over all of the belaying pins.  I used diluted white glue to secure the rope coils, they are built up in groups of 10 on the form.

Here are the photo etch gun port hinges.

_DSC3960_DSC3954_DSC3958_DSC3959_DSC3956_DSC3955_DSC39576/23/2017 All of the rope coils and gun ports are installed.  I still have to add the rope pulls for the gun ports – two ropes per gun port!

Here is the revised rope coil pattern.  The steel pins are separated by 10mm.


_DSC3942 _DSC3962 _DSC3963 _DSC3964 _DSC3965 _DSC3966 _DSC3967 _DSC3968 _DSC3969 _DSC3970 _DSC39716/25/2017 THE SHIP HMS VICTORY IS FINISHED!!!

Today I finished adding the gun port ropes and then did some final touch up painting and straightening up a few things. Then a shot a final coat of Testors flat to kill any gloss spots from the CA glue.  I can't think of anything else to do.  The gun port ropes were the thinnest thread I had soaked in GAC-400 texile stiffener then cut to 8 mm lengths.  That fit about 95% of the gun ports – the rest I trimmed down with scissors.  They were glued with a little CA on each end then added with tweezers.  It really didn't take too long.  Eight months and seven days ago (about 247 days give or take) since I made the mad decision finish this thing.  That's roughly 600 hours.  It's been a long haul, but actually very comforting.  My wife passed away 11 months ago and it was very nice to have something to really occupy my mind during the many long hours.  I'm going to take a break (good timing since I have a lot of my kids here to visit) and think about what I want to start next.


And here are the final pictures….. 


_DSC3972 _DSC3973 _DSC3974 _DSC3975 _DSC3976 _DSC3977 _DSC3978 _DSC3979 _DSC3980 _DSC39818/3/2017 Here is a photo of the ship at the IPMS Nationals in Omaha Nebraska where it got third place in it's division.