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1/70 Soleil Royal Page 2

Posted by Paul On April - 1 - 2020

This is page 2 of the continuing build log of my 1/70 scale model of the French ship Soleil Royal dating to 1669.

If you want to go back to page 1 – go HERE.

7/26/2020 Here are some pics to show the latest proogress.  A few days ago, in a moment of insanity, I decided to replicate the hull plank pegs.  Thus I had to drill about 2000 holes in the hull, glue in basswood toothpicks and trim and sand them.  This was followed by a coat of Minwax natural stain.

7/28/2020. Here are some more build photos. The light hull planking is finished with Minwax Natural then Minwax Cherry. I made a plastic pattern to allow me to accuratly drill 2 holes on each side of the gunports for the black nails.  There are about 1200 toothpicks on each side.  That's a lot of holes!!

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